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Entrepreneurs, It’s So Easy To DIY!


Not every person is cut out to do business, and very few make it to a successful experience. This is what my friend Dave told me that day as we sat drinking coffee at his patio one evening. As usual, I was trying my best to convince him to get rid of his depressed outlook and really try to do something major. He was feeling really down on his luck because his recent plans had backfired, and he was in no mood to try anything again, but in my opinion, all he really needed was the right approach. Luck has very little to do with real life success Dave, I told him, and what it really takes is guts, and a lot of hard work. I kept up my persuasive arguments for I knew my friend to be a really good fellow, and in the end he agreed. He wanted to start his own business!


I would have happily gone my way after pushing him to his feet, but he wanted me to take him all the way through. So we got down to the serious task of figuring out what we were going to bring to the market.


When we started to work on our game plan we realized just how tremendous a task it was going to be.

• Getting Started:

The first thing on our ‘to do list’ was to figure out the product in which we wanted to invest. After observing several possibilities, considering the ups and downs of several ventures and discussions of countless ideas, Dave decided he wanted to enter the market as computer reseller. He had always had a knack with computers and he had a few friends who were already in the business at some levels, working as the mediators, and Dave knew he had a chance of creating something if he really worked at building his image right.

 Getting Started

As we went on to cover many other small obstacles, observing the market and figuring out the problems, working to devise the best solutions (what particular area of the business should he take on and such other issues), he began warming up to the idea of setting up his own venture.

• Identify the Target Market:

Next up, we discussed the most important entity of any business: customers. We planned about various outlets in the markets where there could be an opportunity for him to gain the most clients. There were the veteran of this trade, who bought and sold every day from their fixed sellers, and there were the ‘freshmen’ who would be willing to buy from a newbie like my friend, but they wouldn’t have any guarantee of their own to handle a deal, and then there were venture capitalists who would put their money in a startup just to give him experience and the taste of the business if they thought him promising enough.

I told my friend Dave that we needed the venture capitalists, because that would not only save some of his own investment, but also earn him a name in the market if all went well. And to make that certain, we needed to promote him to the best of his abilities, make him appear the surest bet, put his best face on the map. For days we kept discussing how to start creating the perfect image, and appear trustworthy and stolid, dependable. He had to have the kind of look that would encourage an investor to invest in his abilities, and for that we needed to make his offer appear…irresistible!

• Create His Brand:

Now all we needed to do was introduce my friend’s name in the market with a sizzle, give him a name and a look that would be hard to miss, and memorable. The best way to do that was to get a Logo designer, but Dave didn’t want to involve many people in his startup, and it was also very difficult to find a design to his liking. Fortunately, I struck upon the perfect solution, as I found DIY logo making tools easily available on Design Mantic! Not only were they easy to create, with their vast variety of designs, fonts, colors and different looks; they enabled him to use his own style to be projected in his logo, exactly like he wanted to do all along.

 Create His Brand

To top it off, it turned out to be a fairly cheap and quick way to create one’s own logo, once the payment was done it was instantly delivered, ready to be used immediately. There were no hurdles, no hidden clauses or charges, and no complicated formats to follow either. It was an all out refreshing experience, to be able to help ourselves with so little trouble. Once Dave had his brand name and logo ready, he was really excited about the prospect of opening his own venture, with the logo of his choice becoming his recognition. Thanks to the DIY logo making tool, his name now shone on a signboard right outside his office with his logo beckoning people to come and have a chat. With the perfect blend of font with style, his brand name offset with bold color to catch the eye, his logo was such that few people would pass by without noticing it twice. We got flyers printed of it and put them up around the downtown area, in the bus stations and had stacks kept at the internet café counters. People were starting to take notice, and that’s what Dave wanted.


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